Our 6 Week Exercise Programs are suitable for:

Clients who do not require regular physio input and have family/carers who can assist them to do their exercises regularly.

Clients who have low funds and their home care package can not cover regular physiotherapy.

Clients who are proactive with their home exercise program and just need guidance from a Physiotherapist throughout the program.

Equipment Prescription

For clients who want to improve their posture and flexibility

Equipment Prescription

For clients who have knee and/or hip Osteoarthritis

Equipment Prescription

For clients who want to improve their overall strength

Equipment Prescription


For clients with Parkinson’s Disease

For Clients who want to work on their balance

Our programs are designed to be done at home with minimal equipment.
Each program is for 6 weeks and is designed for the client to do at home with their family or carer.
Each exercise in the booklet has a QR code which is linked to a video so the client or carer can watch a video of the exercise.
It is still advised that the client sees a Physiotherapist once a week while they take part in the program so the Physiotherapist can upgrade, downgrade or monitor the exercises. But it is not mandatory for them to see a physio throughout the 6 week program.
For a client to take part in any of these home based exercise programs, they will require an initial consult with one of our Physiotherapists. At the end of the program they will then be reassessed if they desire.