Equipment Prescription


Ensuring you are equipped and fitted correctly with the appropriate equipment so you are able to safely and easily mobilise.


Geriatric Rehabilitation

Slow streamed rehab program specifically designed for the older population who are deconditioned, frail, had a recent fall, had a recent prolonged hospital admission, or have noticed a decline in their mobility/strength/balance.


PD Warrior

Parkinson’s specific therapy designed by 2 Sydney Physios. Targeted towards those who have been recently diagnosed with PD. High intensity, large amplitude movements. It truly is a game changer for people with PD disease.


Falls Assessments


Will use clinical tests to determine the level of falls risk you are and then to implement changes to prevent a fall from occurring.




Parkinson’s specific therapy designed for all stages of PD. Developed over in the USA and is the latest non-pharmaceutical therapy to be really making changes for people with PD. Focuses on large amplitude movements and is an intensive program which runs for 4 weeks.



Qualified to apply Synthetic and Plaster of Paris casts to the lower limbs and upper limbs with approval from your doctor.


Gait and Balance Retraining

Individualised program to help you improve your mobility and balance. It aims to lower your falls risk and to ensure you stay mobile.


Neurological Rehabilitation

Individualised program which targets the deficits and weaknesses which have occurred due to your neurological event such as a stroke. Working on principles of neuroplasticity and complexity.


Reconditioning Exercise Programs

Using a variety of equipment to increase strength, balance, co-ordination, and mobility. Works towards regaining your function and achieving your goals.




Initial Consultation – $145

30 Minute Follow Up Appointment – $120

1 Hour Follow Up Appointment- $190




You are able to claim back part or all of your therapy costs if you have:

> Private Health Insurance with Physiotherapy Cover

> DVA gold card (referral from your GP required)

> Chronic disease management plan (EPC) from your GP

>NDIS funding

> Home Care Package


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