May 20, 2020

Going up and down stairs can be daunting for many people. Lots of people we meet say they can no longer use stairs and have lost the ability to go up/down stairs. As physiotherapists, we want to ensure that our clients are able to go up/down a set of stairs safely. We want you to be confident that you can use them when in the community or in the case of an emergency.

Here are some interesting facts about stair mobility in adults:
If you can climb 2-3 flights of stairs, it has been shown that you have a greater chance of surviving surgery.
11% of falls by women occur while climbing stairs.
4 out of 5 falls occur while descending stairs.
1 out of 5 women over 65 can not go up/down a standard step.
Healthy older adults over 65 without impairments can climb 26 stairs in less than 12.6s on average.
Community dwelling older adults currently not exercising go up 21 stairs in 17.9s and down in 19.6s on average.  This has been shown to improve by 16-17% after 16 weeks of low- moderate intensity exercises.

If you want to be able to safely go up/down stairs and reduce your risk of falling while using stairs, please let us know and we can focus on the following treatment techniques:
Eccentric control exercises for hips, knees and ankles.
Lower limb functional strength and power exercises.
Single leg balance exercises.
Weight transfer/shifting exercises.